Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Causes, Cameras, Cops and Cuffs

On Saturday, December 10, 2005 in Toledo Ohio several people were arrested. The two types of target were Journalists and those counter demonstrating a Neo-Nazi rally at the Government Center in the down town section of the city.

The local paper "The Toledo Blade" gives a fairly good detail of yesterday's day in court for those were cuffed and dragged off of the rally area for whatever "charge" or reason.

If you read the Blade's article, you can see the once again "kids from the car" who I have refered to in in my other posts, as this was one of the shots I myself almost got arrested taking.

And lest we forget the supression of the media, as I post once again photojournalist Jeffery Willis and the other unidentified photographer who were cuffed and take off before the Nazis group even showed up.

Jeffery Willis

Photographer under arrest, (name unknown)

Others who were arrested were anti-racist-activists. Some who have claimed to have been roughed up pretty badly.

I hope everything works out okay for those were arrested and who should not have been.
I have heard many disturbing rumours about what went down behind the scenes in Toledo and it very well could be the start of a very dangerous trend in LE around the nation.