Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nazis Nazis Nazis

Yes, twas a Nazi appearance repeat. On a very cold Decemeber day, December 10 2005 to be exact. While most of America was shopping for holidays, watching ball games and playing in the snow, the National Socialist Movement chose a cold day in hell to don their tan shirts and red arm bands to express their need to save the white race.

This time the event was attended by NSM Chairman Harrington (below)

More familour NSM member to Toledo and who has attracted much attention from the Toledo city government, local journalists, anti-racist activists was Mr. Bill White from Roanoke Virginia.

It seems that as of late, Mr. White has moved up quite quickly in the NSM ranks and has now a higher title of Organization Spokesman and Director of Media Communications.

Mr. White even came to Toledo a little early to try to challenge the imposed restraining order the city served on the public in a hearing the day before.He actually gave it a good try, and I would like to believe for those small minute in space and time of a few hours of a moment, Bill White was speaking up for the "little guy" of all backrounds and beliefs.
(Well, maybe not, but let me live with with my unicorns and rainbows fantasy and don't tell me otherwise!)

Another NSM face from October was Mark Martin who had taken a much quieter and less vocal role than he had in October.

One rumour is that he had stated things to the Toledo police dept giving them the impression that there might have been a NSM march through the North Toledo Neighbourhood they challeged just a few months back which ended in a violent riot, and the city wanted to avoid.

(Mark Martin)

I wish I could give you a better report of what was being stated from the podium.

I am afraid my ADD has me more of a creative freak who is not very good with focus for the details of rhetoric.

Besides, between the freezing cold, dodging the cops and a muffled PA sound sytem, I had my CD headset on, turned up "Beck" and just bopped around looking for the good shots.

There was another White Nationalist group there called the "The Creativity Movement".
I am not sure what they are, but they seemed very young and very intense.

And there was also a very special visit from New Jersey radio host Hal Turner, whose speech I missed as I had left because of frozen fingers and I could not work my camera anymore.