Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scenes of a Counter Demonstration

On Decemeber 10, 2005 in Toledo Ohio, the National Socialist Movement rallied in a permited area. Here are a few pictures of those who were standing in opposition to the Nazi ideals.

This is a small group of anti-racists who were thrown out of their friend's car by the Toledo police and were standing by the side of the road while their friends got arrested (Their friends will be shown in another posting)I, myself almost got arrested taking this picture.

Blessed are the peace makers.
The folks from the "Peace Team" were our guardian angeles. They helped us keep our heads, helped calm some of the over zealous cops down, and often tapped me on my shoulder to warn me when I cop was about to push me out fo the way, as I was eye in the camera and not always aware of what was behind me.

I am not sure who this nice guy is, or what his organization is, but I love the picture!

Now, I have even less of a clue about this picture, but I find it a very cool shot!

I think this person states their opinion pretty clearly.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, there are more coming as this will be a nice slow drizzle out.

Please feel free to use them on your blogs and web-sites. I just ask you that you don't photoshop an mess with them without asking my persission first.