Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Toledo Cops!

Now, on Dec 10, 2005 in Toledo law enforcement policy was not at it's finest civil liberty moments.

Many LE officers who had "power issues" to begin with, were able to main-line their authority to do as they pleased, no questions asked.

Thus, on Decemeber 10, 2005, the people of Toledo got a 24 hour taste of life would be like under martial law.

There were, however, the majority of Toledo P.D. who were there to do the job of "protect and serve", and I honestly believe there are more good people on that force that far out weigh the few higher ups who have displayed some poor actions.

The photos I am showing on this post are a combo of both, they are the ones I have chosen for both artistic content as well as showing you, the blog reader a good idea of the situation.

This was the car that the kids from the previous post got thrown out of. The one brunette cop seemed to be a bit over board, but was at least rather calm.
The silver headed cop was a bit of screaming nutter.
I heard one story that he was in a coma and had suffered some substantial brain damage.
Now, I can feel his pride to survive such an ordeal, but why would any police force on the face of this earth give someone who is obviously this mentally impaired and unstable, not only LE authority, but a GUN to boot?

Now, this was the security check point to get into the media cage.
It had all the fun and frollick of being at the airport.
I had so much metal stuff and camera equiptment on me I just stripped down to my street clothes and shivered through the metal detector.
While doing this, I announced to the cops there that if any more clothes were to come off, I would like to see them cough up some dollar bills.
They all laughed, and yet, none of them even seemed in the least bit interested. *frown*!

These are the infamous "mounties" who would parade between the barricades and the people.
If one wasn't quick enough to get out of the way of these "horsemen of the apocalypse" it meant arrest, cuffs and 3 hots and a cot.

The rest of the photos I am posting are the brave foot soldiers, most who actually have a soul.
The many who really did try to keep a humane conscience on the whole event.
To all out there who worked your Saturday in the cold, while your families were hoping and praying for your safe return, these next posts are for you.