Monday, January 09, 2006

Day # 1 Of The Alito Hearings!

Today was the first day to start the hearings for the Supreme Court opening being left vacant by Justice Sandra Day Oconner.

Samuel Alito, President Bush's choice to nominate for this spot at 11 this am was lead into the Dickson Building on Capital Hill to start the proceedings.

Meanwhile, on the steps of the Supreme Court and all around "The Hill" were the grassroots activists who were there to either support or oppose the Alito nomination.

One group who was there in strong opposition is a group that I have personally watched grow from it's baby stages in life and is making a tremendous presence on the poltical scene where ever it is and that is the group The World Can't Wait (
They even had a presence at the last event in Arlington at the town hall meeting I shot.
Today, there were WCW women dressed up in bloodied white shirts to demonstrate the perils of times of illegal abortions.

Now, as passionate as the opposition was, the pro-Alito crowd did turn out some very impressive numbers. There was a fairly large crowd of Catholic Home Schooled teens who are going to be spending the week here in DC, as part of their home learning based civics program. All were dressed in red Alito tee-shirts, with the letter A+, chanting for Altio as he dashed from car to building.

Well, then everyone went to the hearings, which I find to be the boring part.

Yet, as she once wrote: "Tomorrow is another day" and tomorrow will bring out more people in protest as there is a human rights rally/press conference against Alito tomorrow at 1:30pm at the gates of the White House.

Till then, harmony, love and happiness!

Peace OUT!