Friday, January 27, 2006

Facing Racism with Honour

On Thursday evening January 27, 2006 a very interesting human being, Daryl Davis graced the Cole Hall auditorium at the Bridgewater College.

Daryl Davis is a wonderful musicain, but this is not his only claim to fame, Daryl is a black man who faces the KKK to try to solve the issue of racism.

Many attended the lecture, mostly students who were very supportive of Mr. Davis, yet there was one person, Mr. William White of Roanoke, the Communiations Director and Media Coordinator as well as one of the chief officers of the NSM who did not seem to agree with Mr. Davis's multi cultural ambitions.

But, dispite Mr. White's nay saying, I think he might agree with me on one thing, and that is Mr.Davis style and approach far exceeds in both diplomacy and decentcy when it comes to activism in challanging racism than others who are trying to do the same, but in more hostile ways.

Mr. Davis doesn't attack people, he doesn't harass their homes and families, he doesn't throw rocks and participate in riots, he doesn't try to grab for fame and glory by pawning off cruel tabloid style rants and call it activism.

Mr.Davis is a gentleman and a musician, he has found that he has met and touched people through his music, and a handful of these people are members of the KKK.

It seems that through his music perfomances in the MD area, he picked up many fans, some who were memebers of the KKK.
Mr.Davis, instead of shunning or confronting them, befriended them.
He built relationships and then reached out to them.
He then had his "white" secretary call other KKK officials and arrange meetings with them.
These meetings were based in honour and respect, as his quest was not to put them down, but to try to understand where they were coming from for they could help him and he could help them and together they could bridge the gap between those who disagree with others based in racial backrounds.
(Mr.Davis holds a shirt once worn by a young girl who is now against racism)

Mr.Davis does indeed have a charismatic style. He works very well with the media shows such as the interesting clips he showed of himself on Heraldo and CNN.
His piano playing was fantastic as he banged out a whole lotta shaken goin on for us.

Today, Mr.Davis has much to show for himself. He has a book that he has written about his experiences called: "Klan-Destine Relationships", and he is still performing and recording great music.

You can read up more about him on