Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is Kaine Able?

(Photo by Isis, click in enlargen)

Sometimes, local town hall meetings can be interesting!

Okay, who are we friggen kidding, they are like watching paint dry.

Yet, hundreds of concerned and probably bored Northern Virginians came out to the George Mason High school in Falls Church to bitch, whine and complain in the last of Virginia's new Govenor elect Tim Kaine's tent revivals in transportation anxieties.

When I arrived at the high school, there were no handouts outlineing solutions, (hmmmmm?), but I did get a little slip of paper with this email address: Transportation@govelect.virginia.gov if I had any "further comments and questions".

So, there wasn't even a web-site?

Now, this might seem like petty gossip, well, maybe it is, but for anyone who has ever tried to drive anywhere in Northern VA at certain hours, you can understand the frustration of those who face the hours of parking lot speed we all face between the hours of 6am-11am and then again from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.

Will the new Gov. solve all these issues with the town hall meetings he has been having all over the NOVA region?

Or are these meetins just Tim Kaine "coming out parties" and a chance for the voiceless to hold a mike for a few minutes and vent?