Friday, January 20, 2006

Kingston NY November 19, 2005

Kingston NY was sort of a small sleepy upstate town until an incident where one kid beat up another kid very badly. One very big and strong African American kid injured a much smaller white kid, leaving him with some possible permanent injuries.

The big question and public fuss was whether it was a hate crime?

New Jersey racial oriented radio host "Hal Turner" organized a rally claiming the white kid "Robby Hendricks" as a cause to defend white kids everywhere.

Others viewed Turner's rally as an excuse to publically express racism.
At any rate, here are some photos which I am posting without comment.

You as the public can draw your own conclusions without my opinions.

(no, the above photo was NOT photo-shopped)

There are a lot more photos, so I might do a "Part 2 Kingston", stay tuned......