Friday, January 06, 2006

Town Hall Chaos with Congressmen Murtha and Moran

January 5th 2006 Arlington Virginia scheduled from 6:30-9:00pm was a town hall meeting at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association in the Ballston area of Arlington with Congressmen Jim Moran and Jack Murtha to discuss their theory of deployment out of Iraq. I believe an estimate of over 600 people showed up, and by the time I got there, right at 6:30pm, the Arlington Fire Marshall had declared a holt to any more entries into the meeting.

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Yet, it wasn't as if there wasn't any entertainment outside the building as it was a small yet fiesty grassroots fest with the pro-war group "Free Republic" was on one side....

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And a handful of anti-war groups such as "The World Can't Wait"

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And "A.N.S.W.E.R."

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...on the other side.

There was no way the cops were going to let me in...

(click to enlargen) matter how much I begged and pleaded.

So, I got together with these three really nice people, 2 whom were Iranian and the other a civil rights attorney with a practice in DC and we found a nice place to sit and have a few beers and coffee with a bite and dicussed our views on the war, the nation, the problems in politics and how we were going to save the world! *grin*

About an hour later, it was almost the end of the meeting I headed back to the building with hopes to be able to get in for at least a few shots. And much to my pleasure, it was open, but, much to my displeasure, I missed Congressman Murtha.

Now, I do actually like Congressman Moran, but, I also have lots of shots of him already.

Yet, there he was, at the head of the room, trying to balance the all the various views and concerns over the war and other international strifes.

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As I clicked away at the last few minutes of the meeting, one voice at the mike stood out very clearly and that was from poltical activist Peter Rush from Leesburg Virginia, who was from the Progressive Democrats of America.

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Rush's big issue was the situation in Israel and his views on how the Isreali policy still further addressing while refering to a statment that Moran had said a few years back about how American Jewish Leaders don't take enough of a stand against Israeli policy(a remark that caused Moran a bit of trouble in his district).

Moran answered with stating his concern for Sharon's health and giving him credit for the West Bank withdrawl.

Over all, it was a fun night. I didn't get in when I wanted, but I met some very nice people, did get a few decent shots to share (still working on getting the flash right) and as crazy as it was, it still might be the calm before the storm called "Alito" that begins this coming Monday.

Till then, harmony, love and happiness!

Peace OUT!