Monday, February 27, 2006

Sun, Surf and Swastikas, Nazis in Orlando Part 3

Sun, Surf and Swastikas, Nazis in Orlando Part 2

Sun, Surf and Swastikas...Nazis in Orlando...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. White Goes to Washington

It was like a strange dream, where everything starts off sort of in reality and then it takes a turn for the weird.

It started off as a Minuteman rally, the anti-"illegal"-immigrant groups based out of CA. Jim Glichrist, one of the founders of the movement was there to lead things off

As well as other "pro-border protection" speakers.

There were about 60-70 supportive activist donned in their red whites and blues in very spirited voice for this growing movement of isolationism.

And, of course, like every political rally there will be the counter demonstrators.
In this case, those protesting against the Minutemen believe that it is racism and this sort of trend will lead to a divition in American society.

Everything was going pretty much like a normal day for a poltical rally.

Then all of a sudden, off in the distance, like the shark from "Jaws"...

Here comes Bill White, spokesman for the National Socialist Movement....

The first thing Bill did was to steal all the media, and from at that time, it was Gilchrist who was at the Minuteman podium, but the media then flooded Bill like moths to a lightbulb....

Bill claimed to be there to oppose the rally. Much of what he said was the Minutemen movement is a form of "white racialism" and that their allience to any of the poltical parties are not going to get them anywhere.

(more to come)