Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Good Bye too Jack Herrity

(photo by Isis, click to make large)

The first time I met Jack was about 3 years ago. A friend of mine invited me along when he was going to meet Jack for lunch. I was still pretty green in the world of politics, but had some local county political experience under my belt.

The one thing I had learned from the begining is that it is a very hard field for women to be taken seriously in.

When my friend and I sat down with Jack, he was looking for my friend's endorsment for an office he was running for and to ask his opinion on a few people he had lined up to be his campaign manager.

Jack, right away, not only took much effort to include me in the conversation, but also asked and listened to my amatur input as he rattled off his list of people and concerns.

Several years back, Jack had a heart transplant. His new heart came from a woman, and Jack was so proud of this, his famous line was: "I have the heart of a woman".

As sweet as all this sounds, Jack was not always known as a "sweet" person.
During his funeral today one person had mentioned one of his lines in response to a person who was against the growth and develpoment in road work he was supporting "I will shove my 4 lanes up your 2 lanes"

Jack was the former Fairfax VA chairman for th board of supervisers. In his time, he worked together with such major developers as Till Hazel and others to build up Fairfax county to be one of the most weathly desirable counties to live in the United States.

Yet, has he rose, he fell, and these past few years were rough on Jack has he worked tirelessly to make his come back to hold an elected office.

Jack never lost his dignity. The last event I saw him at, he asked me to sit at his table, adding the kind remark "I always ask the prettiest ladies to sit at my table".

Even though Jack was from the Republican party, he still saw education and health care for all a priority, and often pulled strings for unpopular heathcare programs for children amongst his fellow Republicans.

Jack often met with opposition from all sides, but he never had trouble telling any of them where to go if they didn't like his views.

Today, in the church his son had commented that usually when there is some as unique as Jack, they believe the mold was broken after he was made. But, his son did not believe this about his dad, because he continued "when they made my dad there was no mold, my dad was made from scratch".

Normally I would say "rest in peace, Jack", but I know he would hate that, so I will say, "give'm hell in your place in heaven, Jack".