Monday, March 13, 2006

Shaking it up at the Gridiron

Saturday night March 11, 2006 was the annual Gridiron Dinner. For those outside the buckle of the beltway loop, this is a yearly event where big hot shot politicians, including the president and the power house media all dine and yuck it up over bad jokes and over priced salad greens.

Yet, outside the event and across the street of the Capitol Hilton, there was a very different crowd...

A crowd not hapy with any of the politicians or media inside the event, no matter what party or what publication.

It was a small, but fiesty protest, who had a few words with the police, the Secret Service and some of the invited guests.

One of my heros on the scene was Kevin Zeese

Yet, everyone had a voice and everyone counted!

Flag from

Counter protest to the protest from

One of my dear buddies from

And then the black cars started to arrive
They lined up and blocked the front of the hotel
And then came the guys with the ear pieces
And the cops got a little fiesty

And then "YOU KNOW WHO" arrived

And the people still spoke their voice

Peace OUT!