Sunday, April 30, 2006

Is This Good Mourning, Mr. Phelps?


On may 30 of this year, I will have been shooting photos for exactly one year.
I have shot various grassroots groups from all walks of the political spectrum, and never have I ever found any group as disturbing as Fred Phelps and his Phelpslings.
In case you don't know who this guy is, he is the loon who came out with the "" web-site. A site that celebrates the murders of gay youth.
Mostly everyone from all political views, even those who have issues with gay rights, denounce his cruel and sadistic approach to gay hate.
He would even go as far as to picket and wave his cruel signs at the grieving families during the funerals of their lost children.

And now, as of late, as if THAT display of disgrace to the human race wasn't bad enough, Phelps and his followers, who are all just his family (the Phelpslings)have taken to attacking our soldiers who are being killed and wounded in Iraq by picketing their funerals and outside military hospitals where there are wounded soldiers.
On April 28, 2006, they were picketing outside the Navel Hospital in Bethesda MD next to NIH.
Here are the images of that event. And may I warn you, these are some of the cruelest picket signs I have ever photographed.

Okay, just to rest everyone's mind, there was some very strong opposition, as this guy from Protest Warrior

But, the main organizers of the opposition were the conservative based grassroots group called Free Republic (Freepers)

And, to make the whole day complete to honour the rolled the thunder...

And in the mist of all of this, was the DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Many of these walkers, even some who told me they were "anti-war", high fived those defending the troops, as everyone honours the soldiers, no matter how they feel about the war, and NOBODY supports Phelps.

And may I add a thank you to the Montgomery County PD who treated everyone fairly and showed both a fair and friendly approach as well as top notch security.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Si Se Puede 1