Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Other Side of The Story

"...the U.S. government has no clue what to do over there, and peace for the Palestinians and Israel is going to take the support of entire world, and ignoring it, neglecting it, punishing one side or the other, which has been the policy of many countries, has failed, and that’s why we have this conflict. So, we want to see people stop fighting. We want people to sit down and talk and recognize each other’s right to exist, each other’s right to live where they want to live in peace. Who needs the borders, frankly? Who needs the borders?"--Adam Eidinger a wheat paster for peace.

On Sunday, July 16, 2006 the Washington Post magazine printed a five page article call: A Beautiful Friendship? In search of the truth about the Israel lobby's influence on Washington By Glenn Frankel

Of course the Post like most main stream media focused only on what is happening with the fools on The Hill, once again turning a blind eye on the public and the grassroots activist groups.

On Tuesday July 18, 2006, at right outside the White House in Washington DC there was a rally of a few hundred people from various groups and organizations who gathered to protest the Israeli actions against Lebanon.

This is not a complete post as of yet, but I thought I might just get these images out for now